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Engineering Steel

Engineering Steel
grades are commonly alloy steels which can be hardened and tempered to a
range of high tensile strengths and mechanical properties. Engineering
steel grades are tough, easily heat treated and do not suffer from
temper brittleness. These steels are used in a wide variety of
applications where high tensile properties are required. Common
engineering components produced include crankshafts, gears, bolts and
machine parts.

BS970 BS970 Part 1 to 5 Werkstoff DIN
  • EN14

  • 150M19

  • 1.6582

  • 34CrNiMo6

  • 1.7225

  • 42CrMo4

  • 1.6747

  • 30NiCrMo16-6

  • 1.6745

  • 40NiMoCr10 5

Nitriding Steel

Nitriding Steel
grades are commonly chromium molybdenum (chrome moly) and chromium
aluminium molybdenum types, such as EN40B and EN41. Nitrided EN40B can
achieve a surface hardness in excess of 65HRc. The addition of aluminium
to EN41 nitriding steel enables this grade to achieve a surface
hardness in excess of 68HRc. Flat bar sizes are limited in these
specifications, we can offer 1.2311 or 1.2312 nitriding steel grades as an alternative.

BS970 BD970 Part 1 to 5 Werkstoff DIN
  • 1.7361 

  • 32CrMo12

  • 1.8509

  • 41CrAiMo7

Case Hardening Steel

Case Hardening Steel grades
are commonly supplied in the as rolled condition and can be carburised
heat treated to give a high surface hardness and (with alloy case
hardening steel grades) a tough core. The nickel and chromium
combination of EN36 make this a good quality case hardening steel
specification offering higher strength levels and a more uniform
hardness than that of other carburising grades.

BS970 BD970 Part 1 to 5 Werkstoff DIN
  • 080A15

  • 1.0401

  • EN34

  • 080M15

  • 1.5752

  • 14NiCr14

  • 665M17

  • EN39

  • EN32B

  • EN36B

  • EN39B

Oil & Gas Steel

Oil & Gas Steel
grades are supplied in round bar only, diameters can be cut to your
required lengths. These grades are commonly supplied heat treated
conforming to SAE and AISI steel specifications. 


Alloy Spring Steel

Silicon manganese spring steel
(often used for producing and repairing leaf springs) is supplied in
flat bar with a limited range of sizes in round bar. Chromium vanadium
alloy spring steel is available in a limited range of round bar.

BS970 BD970 Part 1 to 5 DIN AISI
  • 250A53 

  • 50CrV4 

  • 6150

  • 250A57

  • 51CrV4

  • 7345A51

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